Why we have a Second Wedding Photographer

Do we need two photographers? The bottom line is this, yes even though every wedding, every couple, and everyone’s ‘wants’ are different. Simply one of us cannot be in two places at the same time and as wedding schedules are ever decreasing on time, we need two of us.

Below I am going to break it down into three reasons for you on how a second photographer can make an impact.

Reason 1:

– Morning wedding preparations:

On any wedding day that is captured, as photographers, we get pulled in many different directions, especially when it comes to pre-wedding preparations, mainly because both wedding parties are getting ready at separate locations.

The bride may be getting ready in a hotel room while their partner is getting ready at home… on the other side of town!

As photographers we have to plan for unfortunate events that may or may not take place, first is Traffic, as we mentioned above, wedding schedules are becoming very strict so having the photographer stuck in traffic is a big no full stop.

Let’s create a Scenario:

One photographer booked to capture a full day from the preparation including preparations at their family home 12 miles away from the venue where the bride is getting ready.

Do you want photos of your bridal party’s hair and makeup as well as your own, plus helping you getting buttoned into your wedding dress and photos of your future father-in-law helping your partner with their wedding attire?

Chances are you will and your partner is 12 miles away from the venue even though 12 miles is only a short distance. The above activities have already cost around 3 to 4 hours now imagine road works, an accident on the road, or weekend congestion? That 3 to 4 hours has now become longer.

Even if you answered yes to two separate locations you need and we need a second photographer for that alone without thinking of their traveling time and its possibilities.

Here are some pre-ceremony moments captured when two photographers are being utilized to their max.