David Howard Photography

A camera coupled with the skillful hands of a keen eyed artist can bring out the personality, emotion, spirit and the magical moments that may not be achieved through other means of self-expression.

That is the mantra that I choose to work with, and it has allowed to me to capture moments and scenes in ways that only my customers can appreciate. And it has served me well so far, given the number of photography requests I get in a week. Simply put, I have managed to excel in a way that I consider a blessing.

Photography for me started when I was a little boy. My first camera was a Kodak Disc 4000 film camera. Compared to modern gadgets, this was a one of a kind camera. I remember its film was placed on a circular shaped disc, which stood out to me as very odd. I also remember taking pictures with it, and even though those images pale in contrast with what modern camera equipment can do, it inspired me to go into the photography business, David Howard Photography was born.

So that’s how I started, a starry eyed teen with a passion for cameras. It is this passion that has seen me grow from an inexperienced young boy to proprietor of David Howard Photography in late 2014.

What can David Howard Photography do for you? My photography services are available for weddings, portraits, and baby photography. As you notice, they all involve human subjects, who prove to be challenging subjects every time I go behind the lens. All the images I take are unique and tell their own unique story; the story you want told.

Contact me today through phone or email, and I’ll capture the special moment (wedding) or person (family or young baby) that you want kept immortal through photography.

Who makes David Howard Photography?

This is David Howard, The owner of David Howard PhotographyThe main guy, the guy who owns DHP Photography, I will be the first person you get in contact with, I am that starry eyed teen from above with a passion to capture the world through a lens.

Random Facts: 

Favourite film or films?
Bad boys 2, Pirates of the Caribbean and Home Alone

Favourite Colour?
Grey, Silver and Orange

What do you like eat?
Roast Leg of Lamb and Italian food.

Met any famous people?
I have met Biff (Stuart Wade) and Kathy (Malandra Burrows) also have a signed restaurant menu where we met.

S Club 7 and had a Selfie with them, awesome people and very down to earth.

John Prescott and Peter Levy.

Guilty Pleasures?
Pink Peppercorn Gin on Ice, but only when I’m not working.

What are you proud of?
This goes without saying, my children, Harrison 12, Daniel 8, Isabella 5, Declan who is 2 and being published by the Hull Daily Mail on the entire front and back cover of the City of Culture 2017 celebratory copy.

Who Is Jason at DHP PhotographySo I’m Jason, or Jase, I answer to either!
When I started taking photographs 9 years ago as a hobby I had no idea where it would take me.

I had my old iPhone and an interest in wildlife, and I set off to capture nature. As my interest and passion grew, so did my camera; onto a Galaxy, a point and shoot, and then my very first DSLR, the Nikon D60. And since then my interest and love for wildlife and capturing rare and precious moments has grown beyond anything I thought imaginable.

I’m in my element capturing a wedding and equally as at home capturing a bird in flight, and if I’m not snapping happy couples and their guests I can be found out in the field relaxing with the wildlife.

Since joining David at DHP I’ve helped to capture more than 100 weddings and given so many families memories to last a lifetime, as well as accomplished a publication for my work.

Random Facts:

Favourite film or films?
Pirates of the Caribbean

Favourite Colour?
Has to be Red

What do you like eat?

Met any famous people?
I have met Tim Burgess from the Charlatons, S Club 7, John Prescott and Peter Levy

Guilty Pleasures?
A Can of Monster Energy Drink,

What are you proud of?
My three children, Lacie-Jo 7, Dainton 5, and Liam 2. they are my world.

I am RichardArmed with an iPhone and a love of capturing something a little different I set about snapping some images for my mother in law at my brother in law’s wedding in Zante.

Using my legs as the zoom (we all know how appalling the Zoom function is on phone cameras!) and trying to capture as much as I could, I went home from the wedding eager to invest in my own camera start a new hobby. But after showing the happy couple and their guests, and hearing them suggest I should consider a change in career, it set me thinking about a future in photography. Then when my good friend Mr DHP complimented some of the pictures I began to seriously consider the option.

Fast forward a few months and I set out to capture local points of interest with my new camera on its most basic settings (we’ve all got to start somewhere!). One evening while out having some fun with the camera, I accidentally changed the settings and shutter speed, and discovered the wonder that is light trails. Wow! It looked fantastic and added a whole different genre to my set.

I like to look for that different angle, something a bit quirky that others might not have considered, a bit of an edge so to speak, and go to almost any extremes to get the shot I want.
I was thrilled to be asked by DHP to assist on some of their weddings and events, and I’ve pleasantly surprised myself on occasion as well. While I’m always striving to improve my skill, I endeavor to make sure that I capture that something else, that one moment in a lifetime.

Favourite films?
Atom, Pirates of the Caribbean, green mile, save the last dance, and Fast and Furious

Favourite colour?
Red, White and Bronze

What do you like eat?
I’m a big foodie and will try most things apart from sea food! Goat curry is up there along with home made hart warming food

Met any famous people?
Sir Bobby Charlton, Prince Charles, Cat Deeley, James Cordon, Lucy Spragon, Busted (on my honeymoon)

Guilty Pleasures?
Crispy m’n’ms, Milky Bars and Black Pudding

What are you proud of?
My 3 children, Cory 20, Alyx 16 and Adam 12, my eclectic taste in music and owning a Triumph Herald that has been seen in several of David Howard Photography’s wedding pictures.