Tip 1, If you have been asked to be the best man, by your friend, the family member then first of all a massive thanks or a man hug is a requirement, and a nice double single barrel malt whiskey is in order. If this is your first time being a best man, you need to familiarise yourself with what this job entails. You must chat with the groom and see what expects from you as well as any special request he may have from you. This is very important, it’s his day as much as the brides. The groom is not just turning up for a drink or two, he is planning it with his future wife.

Tip 2, Time management is key also, weddings can take months to plan, even years. 2020 made it extremely difficult to plan due to the COVID lockdowns and restrictions. Imagine your ceremony guest list was 60 -70 people and you must trim that down to 30 and as photographers are classed as guests, we make it from 30 to 28. Who does not attend? Tough call. So managing your time alongside the bride and groom is very important, you have to be accurate, so you get the job done without worrying.

Tip 3, The Stag Party is a party to never forget, especially for the groom. As you will know the groom well, planning the stag party should be an easy task. He could be into wild nights out, clubbing in Ibiza, or a little tamer of a meal and formal drinks, you’ll know the groom you’re his best man. Something that is always recommended is to check in the week beforehand to make sure all plans are well planned out.

Tip 4, Keep calm and collected on the big day. This is when all the planning comes into play, help the groom get ready, help the guests at the venue, and liaise with all the bridesmaids and groomsmen and give them the advice they need.

Tip 5, And finally the speeches, it’s likely there will be speeches including your own, putting thought into this a must like the best man. Heartfelt speeches are always welcomed by all the family, not just the grooms but both the bride and groom’s families. Funny things that the bride and groom have discussed with you are also welcomed. As photographer’s funny moments during the speeches are excellent. These are the best natural smiles.