Should We Book A Wedding Videographer?

Yes absolutely, yes! pictures speak a thousand words, but wedding films speak a lot more. We asked Steve and Stef at Popping The Bubble – why booking a wedding videographer is a great idea.

Here is a preview of one of Popping The Bubble Wedding Videos.

The biggest regret we hear from a lot of couples after the big day is that they wish they’d booked a videographer. Up to 75% of couples, according to Why is that?

Being able to hear the best man’s speech, see Grandma dancing in her wheelchair, the bride/groom’s bottom lip quivering as their beautiful blushing betrothed comes walking down the aisle. It’s giving me goosebumps just thinking about it.

We got married in 2019, just before the world went mental, and we had a videographer., She was totally against any cameras being there for the day, but I insisted. My best man was my son. He was 7 at the time. I didn’t know he’d prepared a little speech, and he’s quite a shy boy, but he got up, grabbed the microphone, and delivered the cutest, funniest best man’s speech I’ve ever heard.

What to expect from films. These are some still images taken from wedding videos. 


Funny and relaxed wedding Photography

Why am I telling you this? Because we still watch it now. Almost 4 years later, we can still hear his little squeaky voice in his little suit and bow tie. You can see my reaction, tears in my eyes as my heart is sliced clean in half with a pride-shaped knife. Don’t get me wrong, we loved our photos, but you can’t hear a photograph.

today was our wedding

Put it this way: If it was possible, would you like to watch your grandparents’ wedding video?
To look back and see them on the happiest day of their lives? Personally, I’d love to, and I know one day, my little boy will watch our wedding video with fond memories of friends and family gone by, the ‘oh my god, look at these haircuts’ and the raw emotion of our massive celebration.

Gone are the days, of giant broadcast cameras and fluffy microphones, stuffy posed shots, and awful dissolve transitions. Most videographers these days use small DSLR (photographer-style) cameras, so they can blend into the background. They use tiny microphones, usually tucked into suit jackets. People act differently when they know they’re being filmed, so most videographers these days work almost undercover while capturing every special moment, front and center. It’s magic really.

This new breed of videographers seem to have a knack for catching you off guard and honestly, that makes the best footage. Real laughs, real emotion. They operate in a run-and-gun style, meaning they’re not going to tell you to pose, do this, do that. It might look great in photos, but it doesn’t translate very well to film these days.

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and being able to relive it, over and over again is priceless.