Comparing the Pros and Cons of Outdoor vs Indoor Wedding Ceremonies.

we will give you an idea indoor vs outdoor weddings along with tips for making your special day perfect.

Outdoor weddings

What makes an outdoor wedding different?
Natural Scenery & Ambiance.
Lush greenery, blue skies, well-kept landscapes – you cannot beat the natural scenery of an outdoor venue. When it comes to photography, light is very flattering and soft.

Also when that golden hour kicks in and the sun slowly starts to set making photography that beautiful light. Silhouettes, sparkler exits, venue lanterns, and camp fires finish off the landscapes before the evening proceeds. Wedding Guest numbers can increase somewhat too.

What makes an Indoor wedding?
No Weather Worries: with an indoor ceremony, you can say goodbye to weather worries. Forget about checking the long-range weather forecast daily, because those unpredictable weather moments can put added stress on a bride and groom.

Unlike outdoor weddings where light, shadows, and heat are something we cannot control, which mother nature controls that instead, an indoor ceremony space gives you the potential for endless décor opportunities. In the event of bad weather, you are indoors, heat and cooling can be controlled freely by the venue staff keeping everything at the right temperature.

Outdoor vs Indoor.
– As you consider how to dress your guests, remember that both outdoor and indoor weddings can be formal or casual.
– Depending on the season and time of day, temperature changes will affect how warm or cold your guests may be.
– Consider providing shawls or lightweight sweaters for an outdoor ceremony in the fall, while a cooler wedding inside would definitely call for air conditioning.
– If you’re holding the ceremony indoors, suggest more dressy attire and provide parasols in case of rain.

Indoor weddings