About David Howard Photography, who are we?

First thing about David Howard photography is a camera coupled with the skillful hands of a keen-eyed artist can bring out the personality, emotion, spirit, and magical moments that may not be achieved through other means of self-expression.

That is the mantra that we choose to work with, and it has allowed us to capture moments and scenes in ways that only our customers can appreciate with wedding photography. And it has served us well so far, given the number of photography requests David Howard Photography gets per month. Simply put, we have managed to excel in a way that we consider a blessing.

How did photography start for David Howard well in fact when I was a little boy. My first camera was a Kodak Disc 4000 film camera. Compared to modern gadgets, this was a one of a kind camera. I remember its film was placed on a circular shaped disc, which stood out to me as very odd.

I also remember taking pictures with it, and even though those images pale in contrast with what modern camera equipment can do, later in life it inspired me to go into the photography business, and in 2014 David Howard Photography was born.

So that’s how I started, a starry-eyed teen with a passion for cameras. It is this passion that has seen me grow from an inexperienced young boy to the owner of David Howard Photography.