Below are 4 questions you have to ask yourself about your 2023 wedding , 2024 wedding and beyond.

You said yes.

So saying yes to the man or woman of your dreams was the best gift you could have asked for, wasn’t it? From the proposal to the kisses, cuddles, and tears of joy. Your Wedding Planning now has to begin.

Below are 4 questions you have to ask yourself about your 2023 wedding , 2024 wedding and beyond.

Question 1 is “When“?

When are you going to get married and become soul mates? Are you wanting a Spring wedding when the flowers are in bloom? A summer wedding when it’s warm? Maybe a sunny with nice blue skies and fluffy clouds wedding? An autumnal wedding when the leaves are oranges, brown and rustic? Or a winter wedding and hopefully a white snowy winter?

Question 2 “The date”.

The Date would be question 2 in our minds, do you and your partner have a special meaningful date you would like to tie the knot? If so maybe the day you got together? Valentine’s day or the day you asked your partner to marry you?

Question 3 “location”.

Is the wedding location, are you wanting to keep your big day local? Do you have family and friends further afield and wish to take your wedding to them? Even a destination wedding in a different country?

We are surrounded by beautiful countryside, nature, manor house retreats, and many stylish wedding venues.

As a wedding photographer, seeing lots of different venues and locations. An example just up the road from David Howard Photography is the Beverley Barn, so when planning your wedding this wedding venue should be high on the list to consider.

Also as you are reading about your wedding venue’s this is Yasmin and Phil’s venture with their Barn.

“After seeing the old dairy farm in need of a new lease of life they pioneered and succeeded in transforming this 1950’s rustic barn, retaining many of its original features, and transforming it into this stunning wedding and events venue that you can see today.

At The Beverley Barn we listen to what you want and strive to make it happen: offering a range of highly recommended caterers that have all worked at The Beverley Barn before and therefore can assure you their delicious, top quality food, service and reliability.”


Question 4 “The Photographer”

who is your wedding photographer, upon selecting the venue and the date, if your wedding is 2023 wedding, we would secure your wedding photographer quick, wedding photographers become booked very quickly, 1, 2, 3  years in ahead, while you are considering the date the next question is what style of photography do you like? Here are some styles of wedding photography.

  • Contemporary Wedding Photography, this style takes a more relaxed approach with the usual groups and some posed couple shots, your wedding photographer will look for artistic angles and creative lighting to create images that you will not forget.
  • Traditional Wedding Photography is a very posed, often known as classical or conventional photography, a lot of input will be from the wedding photographer which some couple do not always like because some of the emotions throughout the wedding are missed due to this.
  • Reportage Wedding Photography is nothing new in the photographic world however over the last several years it has become more and more popular within the wedding scene.
  • Your wedding photographer will document your wedding day from bridal preparations until late while being unobtrusive and still telling a story with his or her images.

So after saying yes and becoming newly engaged to be married. Following these 4 questions we hope it will get you on the right track to planning your wedding day.

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