Slice of Life Photography, ok that may sound harsh, natural life photography is far better or Lifestyle photography, Ill let you decide that one.

This type of photography cannot be mistaken for portraits, lifestyle photography features families and individuals enjoying real-life events and milestones in their lives.

Below are a couple of lifestyle photography pictures.

Lifestyle Photography

As I mentioned above, lifestyle photography is to capture a life event or milestone within someone’s life, as we capture weddings there is a key to this type of photography, never put your camera down, moments happen within a flash and I mean within a flash, you need to be ready.

If you are capturing a family in the golden hour and sunset happens you need to utilise that light so be prepared, that light also changes quickly, manual settings are best for quick changing of settings, learn your camera.

Below is a picture from the Golden Hour.

Lifestyle Photography at Golden Hour,

Should you plan your lifestyle photography?
Yes, but it has to a delicate balance between having a script or no plan at all. You do not want a staged shoot, I would rather get to know you as a family, your likes and dislikes are, what do you do at the weekend, or maybe a meet up at a parents group? Myself as a lifestyle photographer like to get to know you first.

Also, lifestyle photography shouldn’t be about being up in your face with a camera, this is the same with wedding photography, I can capture these images from distances that you’ll forget I am there. Obviously, I will be there, but if children feel uneasy they will not be themselves.

I will leave this here and I hope you have an idea of how I work with Lifestyle Photography.