Wedding Photography Hull – Steph & Peter

The Wedding of Steph and Peter, what can I say we had an amazing time creating your wedding images, Steph was chauffeured in a very nice white BMW 5 series, this carried Steph and her dad to the Guildhall. The Weather was kind and the sun was shining blessing them with some perfect pictures.

We had fun in queens gardens, something that always amuses me when we ask the bridal party to have a group hug while standing over me. And a massive thank you to Jamie the best man for noticing I had dropped several memory cards while doing this shot.

Also the large group shot, “Close your eyes and on 3 open them” great smiles and and everyone with their eyes naturally open. perfect. This works great for natural amused smiles.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your big day.

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