Cave Castle Wedding – Story Board of Corinne and Rob

Corinne and Rob tied the knot at Cave Castle Hotel

On the 3rd of April my assistant and I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Corinne and Rob’s wedding at Cave Castle Hotel, East Yorkshire. Cave Castle is one of my top 5 wedding venues.

I met the boys at The Castle for some pre shots, however we had a cheeky drink before we headed outside on a brisk Spring morning.

I left Rob and his Groomsmen where I found them, in the bar and headed up to the Bridal Suite to rejoin my second photographer and capture further shots of the bridal preps, Corinne looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown, Her bridesmaids looked stunning too.

We headed out after the ceremony and timed it just perfectly with the weather and sun shine, allowing us to capture the large group shots, and individual wedding portrait pictures, we finished coverage off after the first dance, and having met, mingled and accepted as a guest rather than someone working for us we left Cave Castle and on the way out I have to stop to capture a beautiful wide angle shot of Cave Castle in the dark.

Corinne and Rob, it was a pleasure to capture and share your wedding day at Cave Castle and wish you all the best. Congratulations on your wedding.


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