Pre Wedding Couple Photography

Engagement photography session, what are they? You’ve seen the posts on Facebook of your engaged friends laughing and kissing each other with the sun setting behind them, blurred trees and leaves while cuddling and being romantic. This type of professional photography is officially called engagement photography, but essentially it’s a just a chance for a professional photographer to capture two people in love who wants to share it with the world. More than that, it’s an opportunity for you to work with your photographer for the first time. It’s an opportunity for you to see how he shoots and for myself an opportunity to get to know you better as a couple.

These sessions can be as fun and elaborate as you’d like to make it, so at the end of the day, I’d like for you to not only remember the day you had a photo shoot, but also the day you had a great fun time.

If you have booked me as your chosen wedding photographer then these type of shoots can be added on to your package at one chosen location.

How long is the Engagement session?
Your engagement session will last between 1-2 hours and takes place at a location of your choice. It’s best to keep to one location so we spend our time shooting rather than traveling.

What should we wear?
Something nice, something light and romantic. And most importantly, something that is you. If that’s a shirt and tie and a top hat. Do it. Floral summer dress and a pair of boots, even wellingtons, you decide, these are your photos to look back on years from now. I recommend layering up. It’ll allow you to add variety to your session without having to completely change outfits.

Can we do something creative?
Yes, absolutely yes. if you want to bring your dog for a walk, or even if you want to bring a large arm chair, I am happy for you to do that, we can incorporate these into the session, you will have your own ideas and creative thoughts, but let’s do it.

What if we’re not that comfortable in front of the camera? Don’t worry about it. It’ll be my pleasure to show you that it’s not true. If you’re in love, it’ll eventually come out and I’ll be there to capture it. You’ll forget I’m even there with the camera.

Pre wedding photography engagement sessions can be taken on location or within a studio.

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