Stop the Smell, Yorkshire Water

As I am local and also affected by this awful rotten egg smell, I had to attend to show my support. The Saltend stench protest at Yorkshire Water plant was populated with many local residents and business’s with support shown from drivers who were passing by.

Heavy continuous rain failed to dampen the protest at the gates of the Yorkshire Water Waste Treatment Works at Saltend today. Up to 90 people attended the event to demonstrate opposition to the foul odours from the site many of them wearing masks over their mouths to protect themselves from the stench, some even wore gas masks.

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Without fail I had the camera with me and captured some images showing the protest to its full.

DHP_3861-15 DHP_3864-18 DHP_3865-19 DHP_3912-46 DHP_3915-49 DHP_3917-51 DHP_3923-57
DHP_3928-62 DHP_3963-97 DHP_3973-107 DHP_3977-111 DHP_3985-119 DHP_3989-123 DHP_3994-128 DHP_4003-137 DHP_4010-144 DHP_4019-153 DHP_4020-154 DHP_4026-160 DHP_4028-162 DHP_4048-182 DHP_4069-203 DHP_4074-208 DHP_4084-218 DHP_4097-231

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