Pre Wedding | Engagement photography tips

More and more people are becoming interested in pre-wedding/engagement photography.

As a photographer entrusted with this task, there are a few tips to keep in mind that can help you ace any assignment.

These tips will help you complete the assignment in the smoothest manner possible and at the same time, they will also help in creating some truly stunning pictures.

Take heartfelt shots the best shots are those that are very heartfelt. To achieve those shots, it is important for you to use a longer lens as it will enable you to create some truly flattering pictures.

Longer lenses are commonly used in pre-wedding and engagement photography as they help in creating the most stunning images, with a perfect composition.

Also, the use of longer lenses also helps to keep the couple feeling more relaxed because the photographer won’t need to stand to close to them when shooting.

Second, it makes sense to take multiple shots. This helps to capture the most fleeting moments and that, in turn, will ensure some very natural and relaxed pictures.

Discuss the couple’s needs firstWhen taking pictures of the couple, it makes sense to speak to them as each couple is sure to have their own ideas for what they want from their pre-wedding/engagement pictures.

There are couples that prefer natural pictures while there are others who are more interested in getting the posed shots. By discussing their needs beforehand, it becomes easy for you to deliver the exact kind of photograph the couple wants.

Check the location Once you are done discussing the requirements with the couple, your next step is to check the location.

There are several kinds of locations to check including a park for casual photography, a building for vintage and dramatic shots or maybe something at their venue.

Be sure to visit each location and take note of the lighting and also ask for and get (if needed) permission at the location.

When shooting at a location, it is important to keep in mind the couple’s personality. If the couple is the shy type, then you will not want to shoot them in a crowded place where many eyes will be on them.

Finally, keep in mind that pre-wedding/engagement photography is not always about just the face.

Be sure to vary the shots and try to add minute details like a closeup of the wedding/engagement ring and also take pictures of the couple holding hands or being carefree on the beach.

To take a more dramatic shot, try and use a back light.

You won’t go wrong if you use these few tips to help you with your pre-wedding/engagement photography.

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