Pippa and Nick’s Wedding at San Galgano Abbey, Tuscany – Destination Wedding Photographer.

Ciao, (Sorry practicing my Italian)


The picturesque rolling chain of Chianti hills that straddle the countryside of Florence and Sienna, have characterised this area since the beginning of time.

Having the opportunity to capture Pip and Nick’s wedding was an absolute pleasure.

When David Howard Photography first met Pip and Nick while capturing his brother’s wedding in 2018, we were intrigued to hear their plans and what they had in mind when they got married in 2019.

At the time we were working hard capturing James and Vix’s wedding, so when we received an email a short while after, asking us to capture Pip and Nicks wedding in Italy we were delighted. We already knew the family and we knew how lovely everyone is and that working with them is smooth sailing and always a pleasure.

The date was set, tickets were booked and all the wedding plans where in place. 25th June 2019 came around quickly, and Jason and I were soon sat in the departure lounge awaiting our flight to Pisa, Italy. Only a few short hours and the adventure would begin.

Upon arriving in Pisa we instantly noticed a massive temperature difference. We had left the UK with a temperature of 23c at its peak, and we arrived in Italy on the evening with a temperature of 29c, with no signs of it dropping.

With the welcome Bbq just around the corner we were getting very excited. We met up with the videography team, Daniel and Lauren, discussed the plans and had our plans in place for both the BBQ and the wedding day in hand. However, those plans were shattered when I slipped and broke my ankle requiring a hospital visit and a cast. After being advised to fly home by the doctor I decided it best to stay in Italy and do what I came to do; capture another fabulous wedding. No way was I leaving when there were memories to be captured.

This certainly wasn’t in our plans, but we changed things slightly and made adjustments where necessary, and we had a very successful wedding. I owe a lot of thanks the people who tended to me, Jason & Dan, Lauren, and James & Vix’s who lent me their mobile as well as bringing me lunch and snacks throughout the day while I was in hospital. I’d also like to say a big thanks to Andy, another photographer, who offered to fly out and help me. I can also thank the many guests helping throughout too. Thank you all, it was appreciated.

Luckily Jason, Daniel, and Lauren pulled together, with Lauren taking on two jobs, one for David Howard Photography and the other for Daniel Marshall Films. And although I couldn’t capture as much of the wedding as I had planned to, I was still able to capture most of it, even with my extremely painful ankle.

The wedding itself was truly amazing. Pip looked every inch the perfect bride in her stunning dress. The bridesmaids were simply beautiful, and Nick and his groomsmen looked exceptional.

The ceremony was held at the amazing San Galgano Abbey, followed by the Wedding Breakfast at Castello La Leccia. Being given the opportunity to capture both brothers weddings was an honour, and Jason and I were made to feel like guests rather than just service providers.

We hope you enjoy the images as much as we loved taking them.

Grazie e buon divertimento.

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