What Annoys Wedding Photographers

This was covered on Brides.com blog and sums up some niggles that professional wedding photographers are faced with. Here is what Brides.com had to say, ” Your wedding photographer is there to capture your special day


Understanding Negative Space in Photography

Negative Space

Negative space is nothing new and has been used in design, architecture and art for hundreds of years, it also hands itself to photography where negative space draws your attention to the subject. This space can turn a snap shot image into an outstanding piece of work.


First commercial shoot in print

Commercial photography for www.coo-var.co.uk this picture is promoting Coo-var decorative flake floor coatings. Used as a three part system and is very durable. All three images in a trade


What is Wedding Photography

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce

Wedding Photography is classified as the art, science and practice of creating durable images of activities as related to a wedding ceremony. The art of Wedding photography embraces the photographs of the couple before


Cakesmash Photography

Smash cake photography

Cake Smash Photography Do you want something a little different to capture your children, well this is it, LETS HAVE A CAKE SMASH OR SMASH CAKE SESSION. Here some cheeky examples of the fun that children